Art&MusicaLSlides® Fauser - "Weil man auch in der Wochenmitte lächeln sollte !!"

Row, row, my bod, gently down the stream.....

Quick, I need some floss, I think I've got a seed stuck in my beak.

Hey guys, what do you think I am, a houseboat?

Where is my Prozac, I'm feeling so blue.

So? I'm just not into socks, I like the wind on my ankles.

Landing check list; gear down, check; full flaps, check; runway clear, check; alignment correct, check.

Man, I wish I could build nests like that!!

Just keeping an eye on those noisy magpies next door.

But Honey, what makes you think I had a little too much at the office party?

I would have sworn the package said Swiss.

Hello, are you the photographer from Vogue?

Wow! That was one very elusive fish!

You idiot, don't you know you are supposed to pass on the left?

No, I didn't read the part in the Bible about breaking bread together so just let go.

OK girls, I think we are ready for "Dancing With The Birds".

Come on Willard, quit acting like an NFL defensive back!

Yeh, well your eyes would get big too if someone had their fuzzy hands all over your bod!

Which way did you say it was to the Xtreme Games?

With this disguise, they'll never figure out who robbed their nest!

The doctor said it wasn't malignant but I think I'll get a second opinion.

So sorry to have to ask all of you to help but I really do need that contact I dropped.

Don't look at me like that, haven't you ever heard of Santa Bird?

Oh, how I love government handouts!!

No, the brown part is not me, it is my "floatie cushion".

What an attractive hors d'oeuvre

Were you eating blackberries when you sneezed on my wing?

Hey, don't blame me, my mother was a Cardinal and my father was a Magpie.

Oh WOW, what a hoot. You really bought the bit about us being wise?

Oh how I hate it when it itches there!

Really? My mother flew south without me?

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